Pennsic War XXXV Bardic Books (2006)


What follows are are four .pdf files with the current draft of the Bardic Books for Pennsic XXXV (2006).  They've been divided into "Day Books" and "Night Books" for Land Grab Week and War Week, respectively.  The War Week files are obviously much larger.

Please note that these are DRAFTS.  They will obviously change as classes and other events are added, moved, cancelled, and what-have-you, but we always like to have them as complete as possible in advance.  Please help us fill them out! 

Thanks in advance,

Brion Enkazi, m/k/a Scott Pavelle
Michael Alewright m/k/a Michael Greenstein

Land Grab Week - Day Book
Land Grab Week - Night Book
War Week - Day Book
War Week - Night Book

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